Indefinite Leave to Remain UK

Indefinite Leave to Remain

The complexities of UK immigration law can be hard to navigate. With our unrivalled knowledge in applications for Indefinite Leave to Remain, Alexander Boyd Solicitors will make sure you find your true and permanent home in the UK.

Why Choose Alexander Boyd Solicitors for Your Indefinite Leave to Remain Application

Our commitment to clarity and precise guidance stands unparalleled. With us, your journey to settling in the UK isn’t just a procedural task; it’s the realisation of a dream, offering a secure future.

Our Expertise in Indefinite Leave to Remain Applications

Decades of immersion in UK immigration nuances positions us perfectly to guide you through the Indefinite Leave to Remain process. We appreciate the subtleties and promise an application experience streamlined to your specific circumstances.

Tailored Consultation for Every Individual

Everyone’s journey to the UK is unique. Our approach recognises this, ensuring each client’s individual circumstances, aspirations, and concerns are addressed with utmost care.

Indefinite Leave to Remain Essentials

Eligibility Criteria

  • Settlement in the UK: Known as ‘settlement’, Indefinite Leave to Remain grants you the privilege to live, work, and study in the UK indefinitely. It also becomes a pathway to apply for British citizenship.

  • Work in the UK: Possession of a work visa may qualify you, usually requiring 5 years of residence and work in the UK. Exceptions include holders of Tier 1, Innovator Founder, or Global Talent visas.

  • Family Ties: If you have a settled family member in the UK, either as a British citizen or someone with Indefinite Leave to Remain, you might be eligible.

  • Long Residence: Living in the UK for 10 years or more could qualify you for Indefinite Leave to Remain.

  • Commonwealth Citizens: If you’ve resided in the UK for 5 years on a UK Ancestry visa or have a ‘right of abode’, you might be eligible. There’s also potential for citizenship through schemes like Windrush.

  • Other Situations: This includes refugees, those with humanitarian protection, former residents with previous Indefinite Leave to Remain, and military service personnel.

Application Process

Your application method can vary depending on:

  • Your visa type.
  • Your specific circumstances, such as how your family member achieved settlement or how long you’ve lived in the UK.

Indefinite Leave to Remain UK with Alexander Boyd Solicitors: Securing Indefinite Leave to Remain is not merely about paperwork; it’s about forging a lasting bond with the UK. With Alexander Boyd Solicitors, you’re not just an applicant; you’re an individual seeking a promising future. Allow us to accompany you on this pivotal journey. Let’s make the UK your permanent home, together.

Visa Success Story

Our clients’ feedback is a testament to our commitment, expertise, and success. 

Highlighted Review

Collen Mahamba: “The best lawyer in my entire life. I applied for indefinite live to remain, I got it first time. 2. I applied for spouse visa for my wife I got it first time. 3. Now due for British citizenship I couldn’t go anyway because AlexAnder is the best. He applied for me, I got it first time. I am now a British citizen. He has the answers for what Home Office want from you. Good and honest, best fees. His focus is not about money but you to get what you want. Thank you Alexander a million times.

Alexander Boyd Solicitors are committed to helping you navigate the Indefinite Leave to Remain process. Contact Us and start your journey with us today.

Indefinite Leave to Remain

£ 1,200 Fixed Fee
  • Free 1 hr Consultation
  • Eligibility Assessment
  • Criteria Understanding
  • Guided Process
  • Document Preparation
  • Dedicated Support
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