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We Are Expert Immigration Lawyers In Scotland

Welcome to Alexander Boyd Solicitors. We are proud to be one of Scotland’s leading immigration law firms, with a proven track record of delivering excellent results for our clients.

Our services are designed to navigate the complexities of immigration law, providing clear, pragmatic, and personalised advice in every case. Whether you’re a business seeking to attract international talent, an individual looking to relocate, or dealing with intricate nationality issues, our team of experts is ready to guide you through every step of the process.

Led by Alexander Boyd LLB, a highly accredited immigration specialist, our team goes beyond immigration law.

We pride ourselves on our client-centric approach. As many of our clients can attest, we not only answer every question and guide through every stage, but we also remove the stress from the process, providing peace of mind and reliable services throughout.

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Frequently Asked Immigration Questions

At Alexander Boyd Solicitors, we provide comprehensive immigration legal services, which include but are not limited to visa applications, asylum support, permanent residency applications, and citizenship applications. We aim to guide our clients throughout their legal journeys with diligence, integrity, and honesty.

Why should I choose Alexander Boyd Solicitors for immigration assistance?

Choosing Alexander Boyd Solicitors means you are choosing a trusted partner for your immigration journey. Alexander is highly experienced and is regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). He’s known for his pragmatic approach, ability to simplify complex processes, and his dedication to client wellbeing. These traits are reflected in his overwhelmingly positive client testimonials.

Does Alexander Boyd Solicitors offer multilingual services?

Yes, Alexander Boyd is proficient in six languages, which allows him to serve a wide range of clients and empathise with their varying cultural contexts. This makes the firm culturally sensitive, bridging language and cultural gaps and ensuring every client feels understood and respected.

What is Alexander Boyd's approach to handling immigration cases?

Alexander Boyd adopts a pragmatic approach to handling immigration cases. He ensures that all possible avenues are explored and communicates these in a manner that clients understand. Furthermore, he is always available to answer questions, address concerns, and assists with all paperwork and documentation required for applications.

Can Alexander Boyd Solicitors help me with a refused visa application?

 Absolutely, Alexander Boyd has experience in handling cases where previous applications were refused due to unprofessional work. He works meticulously to solve the issues related to visa applications and to secure positive outcomes.

Can Alexander Boyd Solicitors assist with asylum support?

Yes, one of our main services at Alexander Boyd Solicitors includes asylum support. We believe in fair treatment for all individuals, regardless of their circumstances and backgrounds. We fight for the rights of individuals and their families.

Does Alexander Boyd Solicitors handle both business and individual immigration matters?

Yes, Alexander Boyd Solicitors offer expert assistance in both business and individual immigration matters. Whether you’re a business seeking to hire talent from abroad, or an individual looking to navigate the complex immigration process, we have the expertise to support and guide you throughout the process.

What differentiates Alexander Boyd Solicitors from other immigration law firms?

What sets Alexander Boyd Solicitors apart is our commitment to justice, client empowerment, and cultural sensitivity. As a multilingual firm, we are adept at bridging cultural and language gaps. Our clients value our pragmatic approach, accessible communication, and our ability to simplify complex legal procedures. We are dedicated to providing honest, transparent advice and are always acting in the best interest of our clients.

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